Rental Policies

This guest contract will be e-mailed to you approximately 1 month before your reservation date for you to review and sign. Please give a copy to everyone in your group so they also understand the agreement. Thank you!

TERMS: To make reservations for lodging, the entire amount of rent is due immediately to confirm the reservation, unless a payment plan was pre-approved.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Check-in after 4:00 pm / Check-out by 10:00 am. No early check-in or late departures are permitted without prior authorization. A fee of $25 per extra hour will apply if early check-in or late check-out is approved by management. If guest(s) depart after 10:00 am without prior approval, Frost Management reserves the right to charge the card on file for an extra night of rent.

ANIMAL POLICY: Not all homes allow animals. Animals still require pre-approval from management for animal-friendly homes. Approved animals require a fee (per animal) to be paid before arrival. Animals that were not approved or if approval is granted but the fees were not paid, they are considered “unauthorized.” A $500 penalty (per unauthorized animal) will be assessed to the primary renter if there is any evidence that unauthorized animal(s) were outside and/or inside the rental property at any point in time. In addition, a group with an unauthorized animal might be asked to depart the property within an hour from the discovery of the animal, with no refund. In any event, damage done by an animal will incur an additional charge whether authorized or unauthorized.

SMOKING/FIREWORKS: Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed on and within any and all portions of the property. Fireworks are not allowed at the property under this contract and aerial fireworks are prohibited by local ordinance. An $800 penalty will be assessed to the primary renter if these rules are violated.

DAMAGE: Guest(s) shall be liable for any and all damages that are said to have occasioned during guest’s stay. This includes but is not limited to damage to the home, contents, garage and surrounding property and landscaping. Please immediately alert Frost Management of any accidental damage. Accidental property damage insurance can be purchased through It costs $59 and is highly recommended, though not required. Please contact Frost Management if you wish to purchase this insurance and a link will be sent to you. Please read the conditions of insurance reimbursement before purchasing it.

COURTESY: The rental is located in a residential setting. Quiet time is observed from 10pm until 8am. We ask that all guests be aware of and follow city, county, and state laws concerning behavior. Please be considerate of others’ peace and enjoyment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Reservations cancelled after initial confirmation and deposit funds processing will forfeit any and all deposits on lodging or must abide by the rental site’s cancellation policy. No refunds for early departures or late arrival. No show, no refund. We strongly suggest the purchase of vacation insurance, such as: in case of high-risk travel plans that may lead to cancellation. It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the website rules governing reimbursement. For rare, unforeseen reasons, Frost Management reserves the right to cancel the reservation and is not responsible for cost of cancelled travel plans, other than reimbursement of fees paid to Frost Management for the reservation. Management reserves the right to move guests to equivalent or up-graded lodging.

SUPPLIES: This home is equipped with: travel size shower items, linens, pillows, bath towels, pots, pans, dishes, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, dish soap, dishwasher soap, and clothes washer/dryer detergent. There are sufficient supplies for a typical two-night stay. If you run out of these items, you will need to buy more for the duration of your stay. For more information about whether specific items are on site, contact Frost Management prior to arrival.

HOME FURNISHINGS: No furniture re-arrangement, including re-arranging cables for electronics, is allowed. A minimum $100 penalty will be charged if Management needs to spend extra time to bring items back to original placement.

FIRE (applicable homes only): Outdoor fire pit is not equipped with firewood. Most local gas stations or grocery stores offer bundles of firewood.
1. All outside fires must be in the designated fire pit.
2. Ensure all fires are completely extinguished prior to leaving the fire pit. Do not leave the fire unattended at any time.
3. Be sure that you have access to enough water to put any fires out.
4. Do not use the fire pit when conditions are hazardous (high fire danger or windy).
5. Review the local Open Burning Ordinance in place at the time of your stay. These can generally be found at
6. Guest will be financially responsible for any damage done by fire.

OHV POLICY: Operation of ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles is not permitted on the rental property, or neighboring homes and subdivision(s), including vacant lots. No overnight vehicle or trailer parking of any kind is allowed on the road system.

TRAILER/RV AND PARKING POLICY: Not all homes allow trailer/RV parking.
1. No recreational vehicle or trailer parking of any kind is allowed on the road system, except for designated areas.
2. RVs must receive pre-authorization and a $25 nightly fee will apply. If an unauthorized RV is noted onsite, a nightly penalty will be assessed for the duration of your stay, in addition, guest may be asked to remove the RV before scheduled departure.

HOT TUB (applicable homes only):
1. Hot tub will be cleaned and ready for your use. Please call or text management upon arrival if the hot tub needs attention.
2. Proceed with caution, especially in winter months, as water or ice around hot tub can cause slips and falls.
3. Hot tub is designed to accommodate only the number of seats it has. Do not exceed this number as the filtration system will not handle a larger number of people than the number of seats the hot tub has.
4. If the hot tub requires a “drain and fill” after your stay, a charge of $150 will apply.

EVICTION: At no point in time should the home exceed the number of guests agreed upon. For example: If your reservation says “10 guests” but you invite 5 additional guests to stay at the property during the day and/or overnight, that is considered a breach of contract and is basis for eviction without a refund. This number is set to adhere to fire codes, guest safety and septic system limitations. Please obey noise ordinance (quiet time from 10pm-8am) and home rules. If adverse reports are received that these terms are not being adhered to, and management believes damage could occur to the cabin, you will be instructed to depart the property and will have 1 hour to vacate the premises. In case of eviction, all monies paid will be forfeited and no refund will be granted.

LOST ITEMS: If an item is left behind that must be mailed, there will be a $25 charge plus shipping costs.

DEPARTURE: Start a load of only white linens in each washing machine. Place any other used towels, pillow cases and sheets in the laundry room. Please also ensure dishes are clean. It is fine to leave a load of dishes running in the dishwasher for the cleaners to put away. Turn off all lights, close all windows, and ensure you lock the door(s) on your way out. Please follow any additional check-out instructions that are sent to you.

The person making the online reservation understands that this contract was electronically agreed upon before the payment for reservation was submitted. This guest also understands that she/he agrees that the credit card with which the reservation was paid for will be charged for excessive cleaning and/or incidentals included, but not limited to, what is described in this contract. Even though you have already agreed to this contract electronically, the last page of this “Guest Contract” must be returned to Frost Management in order to receive your check-in details. If your completed Guest Contract is not received by Frost Management’s office at least 48 hours in advance of stay, your reservation will be cancelled, and all deposits and payments will be forfeited.



Check-in Date Check-out Date

Reason for Stay

Number of Adults

Number of Children (under 18)

Additional Guests (not sleeping onsite)

Pet Information (if applicable)

Pet #1 (breed, age)

Pet #2 (breed, age)



Street Address

City / State / Zip Code

Birth Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

Phone Number

I, the undersigned, have reviewed and agree to the terms, conditions and policies outlined in this contract. I authorize payments for fees and/or damage and/or costs outlined in this contract.




Street Address

City / State / Zip Code

Birth Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

Phone Number

I, the undersigned, have reviewed and agree to the terms, conditions and policies outlined in this contract. I authorize payments for fees and/or damage and/or costs outlined in this contract.


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