Terrace Hills

The Plan

Terrace Hills is the proud new home to many, brand new modular homes that will become available for long-term rent as soon as possible! We love living and working in Valley County and want to make that lifestyle possible for those struggling to find sustainable, affordable housing here. Once built and placed, these homes will have annual leases for qualified tenants and families who desire to live in Cascade!

The Progress

Two foundations are currently in progress. The homes for these two lots are set to be placed November 2019!
More foundations for homes will begin construction in 2020.
Check back here for up-to-date progress updates!

The Homes

All new foundations are being constructed for BRAND NEW 1,100 square foot modular homes. They are 3 bedroom/2 bathroom homes with modern finishes and updated appliances! Some will be furnished, some un-furnished. Some will allow pets, some will not. Check back here as these homes become available for tenancy to apply!

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